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Jumpy Things

Does Jumpy Things carry liability insurance

Yes, Jumpy Things is insured. We carry $5 million liability insurance and if necessary we can provide letters of insurance with a company, organization or city named as the insured.

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Is Jumpy Things licensed for public events

Yes, Jumpy Things has all the necessary licenses and permits for operating at public events.

We are licensed by TSSA (Technical Safety & Standards Authority) and we are registered with the WISB. Our equipment is inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is safe for public use. If any repairs are are required they are done by or under the supervision of a licensed inflatable mechanic, or in a TSSA approved facility.

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What is the Jumpy Things mailing address?

Jumpy Things Inc,
Box 37007 Stanley Park PO,
Kitchener, Ontario N2A 4A7

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My Event

What kind of space is needed for the Jumpy Thing?

The dimensions of each of our Jumpy Things is on the photos page. See the menu at the top of this web page for the photos page button. Detailed dimensions (including height) are shown on the full size photos accessed by clicking on the smaller pictures on the photos page.

Add about 6 feet to the width of the Jumpy Thing for clearance around the sides, and 8 feet to the length for the step and blower. If you would like a large bouncer which is 14ft x 15ft, then you will need a space approximately 20ft x 23ft. A medium bouncer would require a space 19ft x 21ft.

Also ensure that there is sufficient clearance for the height. Our Jumpy Things vary in height from just under 8 feet to almost 20 feet. If overhead clearance is a concern then please consider the Cars and Girl Thing, or the Ocean. Spiderman will often fit where height is restricted at one end but the Castle and Sky Castle require maximum clearance under their entire footprint. The Jumpy Thing cannot be touching surrounding objects such as trees and ceilings, and needs to be at least 6 ft away from any cables.

The 3 in 1 combination units (Crayon Playland and Under the Sea) can fit into a room with 8 ft ceilings or into a double garage provided it has a single double width door or clearance under the door track mechanism in the case of two single width doors.

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What kind of surface can the Jumpy Thing be set up on?

The area should be reasonably flat and level.

Grass is the best surface for a Jumpy Thing. If necessary we can set up on hard surfaces such as pavement, a parking lot or driveway. Types of surfaces that are not suitable are stony or rocky surfaces such as a gravel parking lot or a baseball diamond.

On hard surfaces we use sand bags to secure the Jumpy Thing(s), and tarps to protect the unit from wear. And yes, we can put a Jumpy Thing on Astroturf, but please let us know in advance because we will need sand bags rather than spikes to anchor it.

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What happens if the weather looks bad the day of my rental?

On days where severe weather is forecast (i.e. rain, high winds, etc.) we will contact you and give you the option of canceling the Jumpy Thing rental. If you decide to cancel, there will be no charge. You may be required to make the decision one to two hours ahead of when your rental is due to start.

If the weather is too severe, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation due to safety concerns, the potential for equipment damage, and other weather related risks.

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What do I need to do on the day of the rental?

We will provide all the equipment necessary for the Jumpy Thing, including a 100ft extension cord, and we will do all the work required to set it up.

All you need to provide is an adequate space for the Jumpy Thing and sufficient access to the area. There should be a clear path to the space you have set aside, and the path should be at least 3 ft wide if you are renting a 4 in 1 combo unit. We also ask that you make sure the space and surrounding area is clear of all debris, especially if you have a dog.

The person renting, or a delegate, needs to be present to sign for the rental at the time of set up. If we are not supplying an attendant then an adult should be available for safety instruction once the Jumpy Thing is set up and ready for use. Our driver will expect to receive your payment (cash or cheque) before he leaves after setting up your Jumpy Thing.

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Jumpy Things Equipment

How safe is a Jumpy Thing?

Our Jumpy Things are designed and built to be very safe for children.

Where required, our units have entry ramps to provide safe entrance and exit. The doorway is large enough to provide entrance into the unit but small enough to prevent children falling out by accident.

In comparison to trampolines, for example, our Jumpy Things are much safer. However, as with trampolines, there are risks associated with the use any type of inflatable, but responsible supervision and instruction will almost eliminate the risk of injury to the riders. Irresponsible behaviour such as flips and body slamming is reckless and is considered misuse and can lead to injury in any type of inflatable no matter what style it is. Responsible adult supervision is required at all times to ensure the riders are exercising good judgment and are playing safely.

In many years of business, we have never heard of any serious injuries related to the use of our Jumpy Things.

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How clean is a Jumpy Thing?

We do our best to keep our equipment as clean and as good looking as possible.

When we make your delivery, we will make sure that the Jumpy Thing is set up safely and is cleaned, ready for your use. Dirty, grungy units reflect poorly on us as a company, and on you as the person in charge of providing entertainment for the children.

We take our job and your concerns seriously, which means keeping our Jumpy Things clean and looking good.

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Do the Jumpy Things have roofs?

All of the Jumpy Things have a roof of some kind, mainly for shade so the vinyl doesn't get hot from the sun.

In some cases, the roof may provide some shelter from rain, but it will not prevent the inside of the Jumpy Thing from getting wet if it is raining. If it does rain during your rental and the inside gets too wet and slippery, simply take a break to towel it down and you'll be good to go again.

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Can a Jumpy Thing be set up indoors?

Definitely! Jumpy Things are perfect entertainment for children at Christmas parties, and all kinds of other functions held indoors. We anchor them indoors using sand bags, and we may use tarps on the floor depending on the surface.

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What are the weight restrictions on your Jumpy Things?

The maximum weight per person for each of our Jumpy Things is approximately 160lbs. The number of people allowed on the Jumpy Thing is determined by the size and weight of the riders. For safety reasons, the riders should be approximately the same size and weight. The total maximum allowable weight varies, but ranges from about 400lbs for our medium units to about 600 lbs for our larger units.

Restricting the number of riders is not normally a weight issue but a crowding issue. If too many children are in a Jumpy Thing they will not have as much fun and overcrowding can lead to accidents from bumping into one another.

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Why do some of the Jumpy Things have height restrictions?

The height restrictions are according to the manufacturers recommendations and are for the safety of the children. The only Jumpy Things that have height restrictions are those with slides attached.

Rules pertaining to height restrictions are as follows:

Public events:

Similar to amusement parks, the height restriction is mandatory. To avoid disappointing any children, we recommend a large bouncer since our large bouncers do not have minimum height restrictions. A bouncer with a slide is popular as an additional unit if it is within budget, since the slide jumps have height restrictions. A height stick will be supplied for the person supervising the unit if a height restriction applies.

Private events:

The height restriction is optional, and is at the discretion of the renter who assumes all responsibility for the safe conduct of the children. A height stick is not supplied for private events.

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Renting and Payment

I would like to book a Jumpy Thing. How do I do it?

Call us or email us. Let us know what unit(s) you would like, along with the date, time and delivery address as well as the type of event you are booking the Jumpy Thing(s) for, i.e. birthday party, school event, etc. We also need to know the type of surface you want the Jumpy Thing(s) to go on, i.e. grass, concrete, gymnasium floor, etc.

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What is the difference between a public event and a private event?

A private event is one held on private property, such as a backyard birthday party. However, it is no longer private if it is open to the public such as a street party or open house.

A public event is one held on public property, such as a community center, park or place of business. Only rental companies licensed by the TSSA are legally permitted to operate at public events. Ignoring this rule can result in the inflatable entertainment being shut down, and a fine. Jumpy Things is licensed by the TSSA, and has all permits, insurance and training required to operate at public events.

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How far in advance do I need to book a Jumpy Thing?

Ideally you should book it as soon as you're ready to make a decision. Availability can decrease quickly two or three weeks ahead of time, especially on weekends, which may mean you are not be able to reserve the Jumpy Thing you would like.

We do take last minute bookings (even on the same day) when units are available. If the weather's great and you want to have a party, just give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

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Do I need to make a deposit to guarantee my Jumpy Thing rental?

We do not require a deposit. Your rental is secured as soon as we confirm it with you via phone call or email.

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How do I pay for the Jumpy Thing rental?

Payment is required at the time of setup in the form of cash or a cheque made out to Jumpy Things Inc. We do not accept Visa or Mastercard at this time.

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